About TKL

With heartfelt empathy, I warmly welcome you, recognising that you may be seeking solace following the loss of a loved one or while caring for an unwell loved one. Or perhaps you are supporting a griever and seeking guidance.

The Kaleidoscope Life was founded following the sudden and heart-wrenching loss of my mum, which ushered me on a journey into grief. My personal experience revealed the hard truth that profound loss is unbearable. It is overwhelming beyond measure.
In time, I discovered various tools that helped me better manage my grief. To truly navigate the complexities of grief, we must embrace the grieving process fully. However, facing this journey alone can be daunting.
I believe the power of a compassionate and supportive community of fellow grievers who neither attempt to fix us nor offer futile consolation can provide tender respite on our journey.
I hope to be a trustworthy companion, offering a beacon of light to guide you through this dark passage.

Together, we will travel the path of grief.

In addition to my own grief experience, I am a certified Grief Educator (ID. 131142) and have completed the Compassionate Bereavement Care™ program under the MISS Foundation.

Our Goal

I hope that The Kaleidoscope Life is a supportive and educative space for people to:


Grief is subjective. It affects everyone in different ways and it can be helpful to experience grief through other people’s eyes to gain an understanding and awareness of your own experience.


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