“The Kaleidoscope Life is born out of a fierce hope that those enduring the devastating loss of a loved one can grieve unapologetically amongst a compassionate community.”

Shoshanna, Founder


About TKL

Welcome. I wish neither of us found ourselves here. And yet, here we are. Most likely, you too, or someone you know, has experienced a loss. I founded the kaleidoscope life after the devastating death of my mum and the grief journey that followed.

I advocate for and talk A LOT about a topic that much of society struggles with, grief. At any party, I’ll find someone in the room to talk with about death, dying, grief, and what it all means. Perhaps that’s why I don’t get invited to many parties anymore!

My grief experience has shown me that nothing can minimise the pain of the loss. It really is as gut-wrenchingly terrible, heavy, and life-changing as it feels. But there are things that give me the strength to carry it better. It helped to find a community of other grievers who didn’t try to fix me, who didn’t shove silver linings or cliches down my throat, who didn’t withdraw when I mentioned my mum’s name, Anita, and who allowed me to be really, really messy with my grief and still be with me.

Our Goal

I hope that The Kaleidoscope Life is a supportive and educative space for people to:


Grief is subjective. It affects everyone in different ways and it can be helpful to experience grief through other people’s eyes to gain an understanding and awareness of your own experience.


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